CellDetect® Staining Kit

CellDetect is an innovative staining platform which relies on both color and morphology to differentiate between normal and cancer cells in cytology specimens.

Using a proprietary plant extract and generic dyes, CellDetect colors the nuclei of suspicious cells in reddish-purple, supporting the morphological analysis.

Applicable to  urine specimens, the technology conveniently applies standard laboratory processes and equipment for manual and automated slide staining.

The CellDetect technology is protected by strong intellectual property including granted and pending patents in the United-States, Europe, China and additional territories.

CellDetect® is a registered trademark of Zetiq Technologies, a fully-owned subsidiary of Micromedic. Both companies comply with ISO 13485-2003 certification.

The CellDetect Staining Kit is FDA-registered and available for use in CLIA-Certified laboratories.

Leaflet CellDetect® Staining Kit


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